Start Your External Data Assessment

A well-structured plan for using external data can provide a competitive edge.

Work with an external data expert at Crux to:

  • Gain a better understanding of where you fit along the external data maturity curve
  • Expand your field of view and make better decisions with external data
  • Assess external data integrations pre-loaded on the Crux platform 
  • Hear suggestions on starter public data sets to consider
  • Access new products via Crux early

Operationalize External Data In Days

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What to Expect

By the end of the assessment process, you'll know where your organization can improve its external data integration, transformation, and observability. Ready for your free assessment? Here's what it looks like: 


1. Schedule & Share

Schedule a session with your Crux experts where you can expect to answer questions to give us a full view of your current external data landscape.


2. Analyze

Don't worry, Crux does all the work. We'll take the information we've gathered and analyze it internally to identify where you currently sit on the maturity model.


3. Review

The moment you've been waiting for. We'll meet for an hour to review your maturity evaluation and share suggestions on how to improve your organization's external data integration, connection, and observability.


4. Congratulations!

Now you confidently move forward with leveling up your organization's external data maturity. Incoming: more returns!

Our data supplier network is always growing.

Crux offers thousands of pre-built pipelines to over 200 data suppliers, with new suppliers added every week.