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Crux + Google Cloud


As the world becomes increasingly data-driven, it's important to access a wide range of high-quality data and tools to extract insights from that data.

Crux Forge accelerates the time-to-analysis and the time-to-value of external data, helping customers ingest it and make it research ready at unprecedented speed, scale and quality.

Our partnership with Google Cloud enables customers to access any Crux Forge pipeline from our extensive supplier ecosystem. Additionally, customers can access over 1,000 Crux pipelines directly from within Google's Analytics Hub.

Our customers can…

  • Access optimized Crux-managed pipelines to 60,000+ datasets from 300+ data suppliers
  • Onboard new datasets with AI-driven pattern detection and Crux’s own managed pipeline code
  • Accelerate and facilitate exploration of trial datasets

The Crux Forge team will…

  • Validate all datasets to ensure that data is not erroneous or inconsistent
  • Engineer custom transformations and normalizations to meet your specific needs
  • Proactively respond when data changes unexpectedly

The Crux Forge platform…

  • Monitors every data connection 24x7 and alerts you to data issues.
  • Stores your data with data lineage in mind and includes critical delivery metadata with every dataset
  • Maintains a robust, SOC 2 compliant security policy


Who uses Crux?


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If you’d like to learn more about how you can access the benefits of Crux in your Google Cloud environment, contact us so we can route you to the right expert.