6 Critical Costs Underestimated and Often Overlooked in Data Integration Projects by 70%

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The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the TCO Associated with External Data Integration

The exponential value of integrating internal and external (third-party) data sources looks like 1+2=10. The insight gleaned from combining a business’s critical data with financial market data, sustainability metrics, benchmarking data, weather information, etc. empowers decision-makers to address the blind spots, better anticipate trends, mitigate risk and gain a competitive advantage.

Yet, this level of data integration has its challenges. The difficulties and expenses often arise when it comes to ingesting, supporting, updating, and harmonizing external data throughout its lifecycle.
The cost projections over the lifecycle of a dataset can be daunting, especially as organizations rapidly expand their portfolios to integrate new ESG (environmental, social, and governance) data, mitigate supply chain disruption, and meet the challenge of increased competition.

This report is designed for those planning or approving an external data integration initiative helping to assemble a complete picture of the financial requirements and TCO throughout the lifecycle of an external data integration project.

After reading this report you will have a reference guide for developing an improved dataset economics business case and a framework to assess TCO.  And if you need help calculating your costs or would like to have help discussing priorities for reducing your costs, contact us to schedule a meeting. 

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