Are you getting the data you are paying for?

Just because the schema changes doesn’t mean you have to change your entire schedule. It’s like an insurance policy for things going awry. Get notified when things change, and maintain compatibility with your historical datasets--and future ones, too.

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Crux Verify Protects the Quality of your Data

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Just like water, external data is continuously flowing into your organization once your pipeline is in place. Datasets aren’t static, and the information within them changes in real-time, which means the blueprint for a pipeline is subject to change, whether there’s a technical issue, internal error, or an unannounced schema change. Ensuring the quality of your data means being ready for any of these at a moment’s notice. Monitoring your data flow for unexpected changes can require an entire team to keep watch around the clock, especially if the data is mission-critical, and not doing so can break downstream processes. 

Crux Verify offers customers the ability to define and create data quality checks based on battle-tested, metadata-derived metrics to confirm the external data meets their specifications. Crux Verify also enables anomaly detections to identify outliers and avoid common pipeline problems.

Verify Features


Pre-built alerts

Our data experts have a variety of changes ranging from schema updates to missing rows of data. Crux Verify provides clients with a pre-set list of alerts to use (or not) to get started with monitoring data.


Customizable algorithm

Every client has unique needs, so Crux Verify also allows notifications to be customized within our proprietary alerting algorithm on top of the pre-set alerts to cover all your bases.


Scales efficiently

Monitoring data pipelines without technical assistance requires 24/7 staffing and is based purely on what your employees can identify with the naked eye. Crux Verify can quickly scale alerts from one to ten datasets–without the need for ten new hires.

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About Crux

Crux is a cloud-based data integration and operations platform that accelerates the value realization between external and internal data. Crux partners with our customers to ensure they get the data they need, how they need it and where they need it.

Its team builds data pipelines at scale and operates over 25K pre-engineered pipelines, delivering public and third-party datasets to the destination of choice.

Crux pipelines come with embedded data monitoring, validations and transformations, and are supported 24/7 by our global operations team. Crux works with  enterprise clients and is backed by Two Sigma, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Citi, among others.