Supply Chain & ESG

There is real money associated with ESG compliance.

  • 2021 wildfires in the United States caused $90bn worth of damages. – Environmental.
  • Boohoo: UK fast fashion brand lost over £1.5bn in two days due to poor working conditions in one of their Leicester factories. – Social.
  • Government regulations on carbon could cost companies such as ExxonMobil $11bn annual in penalties, based on their 2020 emissions. – Governance.
ESG has evolved in importance and moved beyond a messaging and “feel good” exercise and evolved into a business requirement. There are real dollar values associated with ESG compliance. What started as an early movement around improved corporate governance, followed by a small but vocal interested community, has morphed into Government-mandated regulations that companies need to comply with and invest significant resources in to insure against reputational risk and lack of access to capital. Companies across a swath of industries are now realizing that significant investment and sophistication is required in corporate approaches to ESG compliance. Whether it is due to consumers voting with their wallets or government regulations and penalties, ignoring ESG compliance has impactful financial and brand consequences.


Crux Supply Chain & ESG Whitepaper