Transform your data. Now and forever.

Enrich, validate, and transform any dataset to quickly combine it with other data sources and accelerate analytics.

Whether you need to split or join fields on a single row or across multiple datasets, Crux Wrangle is there. Automatically ingest and deliver transformed fields straight to your data warehouse so you can get to work faster.

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Crux Wrangle Supports External Data Transformation

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Eggs can be the staple ingredient in a huge variety of recipes from pasta to cakes to quiche. How they’re used can transform your dish from breakfast to dessert–are you using the whites only? Are they whipped? Are they combined with other ingredients to create an aioli? 

Data transformation follows precisely the same logic. Taking a table of data from a dataset and parsing, combining it with others, segmenting, or blending it can yield different results based on what your organization needs. This transformative step is critical for external data to become useful. Just like cooking, transformation without technology is like cooking without a recipe–unless you’re a culinary genius, it’s likely to create a mess while expending your valuable time and energy. Without data transformation, your cake is simply just a few eggs. 

Data transformation is yet another part of the external data pipeline that can require tedious, manual work. Once the quality of your data is confirmed, then it’s time to make the square peg fit in a round hole. External datasets will need to be formatted, combined, filtered, shaped, calculated, filled, and more. 

Crux Wrangle helps you do just that. Crux Wrangle allows us to deliver analytics-ready third-party external data directly to you. Crux Wrangle enables you to: 

  • Ingest analytics-ready data faster
  • Create new products from subsets of your data across any dimension 
  • Combine datasets together across different products and vendors 
  • Implement your data preparation requirements without the need to configure functions, pipelines, or complex operational processes

Wrangle Features

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Change data types, sanitize column names, and normalize number values and format dates.



Replace missing values with value-based logic.



Create user-defined and calculated fields, and convert numerical values or anonymize sensitive data.



Join data within and across datasets, add lookup data, map attributes, and align history and ongoing data.



Split data by groups of interest, drop rows, columns, or duplicate missing values.



Pivot by a given index or column value, sort values, and transpose rows and columns.

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About Crux

Crux is a cloud-based data integration and operations platform that accelerates the value realization between external and internal data. Crux partners with our customers to ensure they get the data they need, how they need it and where they need it.

Its team builds data pipelines at scale and operates over 60K pre-engineered pipelines, delivering public and third-party datasets to the destination of choice.

Crux pipelines come with embedded data monitoring, validations and transformations, and are supported 24/7 by our global operations team. Crux works with  enterprise clients and is backed by Two Sigma, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Citi, among others.